Welcome to the Sportkreis Heidelberg

Who we are? 

The Sportkreis Heidelberg e.V. is a sub organization of the BSB Nord. We represent the sport clubs of the region, 295 in total, in Heidelberg. But additionally, we offer events and programs that support the community as well, primarily working with the youth, but also many other projects related to healthy ageing, prevention and integration. 


What we do? 

We support local sport organizations in: 

    • Financial support through city, state, country

    • Implementing new sport concepts 

    • Media and public affairs for promoting sport clubs to the community 

    • Coordination of volunteers 


The Sportkreis Heidelberg organizes, hosts and support a variety of events and projects, amongst them: 

    • Involving youth in physical activity (citizen – club relations) 

    • Promoting active and healthy lifestyle across ALL age groups

    • Topics such as: Violence prevention (in collaboration with the police), integration and reducing barriers for people with disabilities 


These Projects have following focus: 

    a) Target group youth (main target group for projects, work with schools) 

    b) Healthy ageing – target group elderly population 

    c) Integration (refugees)

    d) Sustainability 

    e) International relations


How to reach us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us If you have any questions. Contact us through:

Email: info@sportkreis-heidelberg.de

Phone: 06221 43205-0


Where to find us

Before visiting our location, please attempt to make an appointment through the contact details above. 

We are located at: Haus am Harbigweg 5, 69124 Heidelberg